Mysterious Guan Minzhe the Lost land on the eastern region of Ushya.
People honing skills with blade and faith in humanity, they had an demon Karas, the lord of 6th underground tunnel, the power of bloodsteler, known for his speed and cruelty. 

Coming from ShongLin temple, ancient sword darkline, Karas has mastered hard skills at very yang age. Legend has it, that at age of 9 he was able to teleport him self in his sleep, and by 13 birthday he was teleporting during the battle back and forth, slothering his targets like it was a game.


Mastering Kuaixiu, sword technique super fast cut a d self-protecting shield made him a master that will forever be in historybooks. But that wasnt all, he traveled to the Shadanlands where his final ablity was born. Killing cuntless harmless people form Shadan, made him an final ability that could flame his sword and airbone kick opponents, that would be stuned upon landing, fear of death was gone.


If you enjoy fast moving champion capable of dealing tremendous damage, Karas would be one of your options. This swordman champion can stand take out all bar the strongest opponents. He is known to dislike other survivers from his homeland so be careful.


Champion Skills:

1)        Bliter – A short range teleport, move rapidly through his opponents avoiding damage, and positioning to strike hard.

2)        SixStrike – Powerfull strike that dameges everyone infront of Karas

3)        Kuaixiu – Quick sword movement with millions of hits and shield that protects him while in rampage.

4)        Swflame – other words know as Flamed Sword, stunning and kicking everyone with powerfull strike.


Casey Brenner - Lollipop

High school was Casey’s favorite place in the whole wide world. When she was there she was the queen. Everyone bowed down to her popularity and good looks. She was captain of the cheerleading squad and fashion advisor to everyone in the school. Without a care in the world she bounced around from class to class, her bag of lollipops always sticking out of her backpack. At the end of the day when she would go home she would greet her father. He was working on fixing up their house, his tools always strewn about in the garage and the backyard.

It was the night of the big game when everything changed. There had been noise around about people being changed, but no one seemed to really know what was going on. Casey didn’t worry about stuff like that. She cheered on the team, smiling at the football boys she had been flirting with. The noise in the stands seemed normal, and it took her a moment to realize that the cheers had changed to screams of horror.


One of her fellow cheerleaders grabbed her by the arm and told her to run. Unsure what was going on Casey ran towards her home, only a few blocks away. At one point she looked over her shoulder, the zombies were coming up quickly. She called for her father when she got home, but there was nobody home. Unsure what to do she picked up her father’s chainsaw from the floor of the garage and ripped the cord. The sound of the motor made her feel strong. She was ready, should the monsters come for her.


They did. She cut through them as if they were paper. When the fighting was done she went back to looking for her father. He was still missing. She even went back to the school to see if he was looking for her. No one had seen him, and besides, the school had been destroyed. In the rubble, her backpack still sat on one of the bleachers, lollipop sticking out the top.


She grabbed hold of the candy and popped it in her mouth. Her father had always called her Lollipop. She wouldn’t stop until she found him and got the monsters that had ruined her big day.


1. SawDash – lollipop will dash forward with her saw pointed in front of her, cutting all those standing on her way.

2. SpiningRush– Spinning like tornado this is awesome to clean wave of monsters blocking your way!

3. CapCall – Calls for help from super robot, that would clear the road for her with one swift stroke.

Ultimate: Chain saw calling – powerful damage coming from her saw presenting deadly punishment to monsters.


Arthur Ingle - Ink-man


He had always loved the written word. When Arthur was a young boy he’d devoured every book he could find. He read through whole shelves in the library, especially if they were classics or had a detective character at the heart. He loved the idea of getting the bad guy and putting away those who had done wrong. As he grew older, he became enamored of investigative journalists, people who delved in deep looking for the story behind it all.

That was what he became when he grew up. He dressed up in his trench coat and dapper hat and would go looking for the story. When there were rumors of infected people going savage, Arthur went looking for the truth. Early on he dismissed the vengeful God story, after all, there was no way to prove whether that was true or not. However, he could look into pollution and a virus.


The deeper and deeper he got into the story there were mysteries and dead-ends that he couldn’t quite fathom. He would go home at the end of the day and try to piece together all of the handwritten notes, reading until the black ink lines blurred together. He had one lead, it all connected to a factory deep in the city. A factory that was supposed to be abandoned.


Arthur went into that factory, but Ink Man came back out. He didn’t know what had happened, but after he re-emerged he had an ability to reach out, redraw himself into other forms and create a weapon from his body. Whatever was causing the zombie outbreak he still wanted to discover, but now he had the ability to fight them directly.


And fight them he would.

1.  Summon wonder ghost that will fire laser in line burning monsters as it’s goes.
2.  Smoke Slash that will make small slashing damage to nearby monsters leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

3. Smoke Dash will push Ink-man forward dealing damage whenever smoke goes.

4.  Ink-man will despair, and rain of smoke with high damage will take over the world, nan shall survive.

Jack Mission - Avenger

Life in a mechanic shop was never boring to Jack in the life before. There were always opportunities to see amazing new cars and modify engines to make them faster and better. He was flashy and people liked him. With his bright red hair he was certainly one of the most colorful mechanics in town. There was nothing that he couldn’t fix.

When the zombies first started to appear, people swirled around his shop and the other mechanics in town. They were being blamed for the chemicals in the river. Jack told them he didn’t know anything about it, he’d never seen anyone leaking oil or other chemicals into the water. There was always a little bit in the air, but they were far better about it now! He was sure that the strange monsters were a result of a virus. He told as much to his wife when he went home. She stood over him as he unhooked the towing chain. She wasn’t so sure that it wasn’t some vengeful spirit.


At the time, Jack had thought that was silly.


He kept his head down and continued to work, building better vehicles and trying not to think too much about how people were being broken every day. It was always further away, on the edges of town, not somewhere it could affect him. But then it did.


One day he came home and the front door of his house had been yanked off of its hinges. The neighborhood was a mess. The zombies had come. Grabbing the tow chain from the back of his truck he rushed inside and called for his wife.


It was too late, the zombies had come and gone. Dropping the chain to the floor he ran towards her and held her, swearing that he would avenge her. After burying her he picked up the chain and went back to his shop, welding the sharpest tools to create a ball he could wield against the enemy. Indeed, he would avenge her.

In the Nick of Time – use his motorcycle chain to dash forward pushing and hurting everyone.


Metal Negation – Chain punch that will gather fire of hell, and unleash it strait to monsters that will get obviated.

Hell Rider – Jack will call upon his motorcycle from hell and drive without looking back, leaving burning track behind him.

Ultimate: Chamber of Molten Steel – No control to monsters with whipping dance sending them to hell as he goes.

Jenny Xu - Cat

Before the zombies appeared, Jenny Xu was a popular star in the cosplay circuit. She would travel from convention to convention showing off her costumes. She could create just about anything, but had gained recognition for her kitty girl cosplay. One day she was at a costume contest when there was a rumbling heard in the rest of the convention center. She always liked shows and comics, and it felt nice being treated like a hero. She didn’t mind if it was only because she dressed like them.

The rumbling continued to grow, getting louder and louder, and soon the attendants were screaming. Blinded by the stage lights, Jenny couldn’t see what was happening until the zombies had leapt onto the stage.

Startled, she raised up her big costume paws and smacked at the skinny zombie who had jumped on stage. It blasted back across the room. When she’d designed this costume she had decided to build in a weapon for keeping away overzealous fans. Apparently, it was also good for defending against zombies.

She jumped off the stage and tried to clear the auditorium. She was eventually carried away by the crush of the monsters, but she was able to escape unscathed. Jenny had allowed many others to escape towards the few safe places left. She had become a hero for real.

From that day forward she fought, hoping to earn the title of a real hero. Presentation was always part of the battle, so under her new name, Cat makes sure she wields her powers with the showmanship she learned from her former life on the stage. She was going to save the world, and she was going to look good doing it.

Grace of a Feline – Wheel spinning that will burst damage around hurting all.

Cat’s Cunning – Grabbing one monster and taking his full HP.

Kitten’s Embrace – Gather magic from behind and push it forward.

Ultimate: Floof of Murder – 1s Channeling spell, summoning Cat’s double that will produce huge bubble in which all trapped monsters will die.


John Mitchell - Amrston

At first sight, John Mitchell is what would one call a normal, usual professor. Deeply in love with books, wearing glasses and always with his face buried in the books dotted with endless lines of formulas. But in his spare time, professor Mitchell is also an ingenious inventor whose latest two inventions he is working on are incredible power-suit and android named Franken, homage to a character from a famous book.

No matter the level of ingenuity there was a matter of solving small but powerful enough source of power for those two inventions. Solution to the problem came after professor Mitchell witnessed laboratory accident and survival of another professor, Kaufmann. With his true origin revealed Kaufmann lent small portion of his life force known as Spark of Flame which allowed professor Mitchell to power up his inventions.

Since that day professor Mitchell was known as Armstron by the name of his power-suit, the same one that helped him become the famous zombie slayer in the dark days to come.

Champion Description:

Ultra-intelligent person in an ability enhancing suit he designed can only spell two things: fun and destruction and that’s what Armstron is all about. Set of damage heavy abilities coupled with an excellent screen cleaning move is surely going to earn Armstron a place among the legends.

Blastersaw, damage that hurts

Sparksraw shockwave with AOE effects

BangTong theory of Amrston 

Rain of lighting, that could potentially destroy all life 

Donald Peterson - Franken

Not much can be said about Franken save the fact that he is an android created by a famous professor John “Armstron” Mitchell. As an avid reader, professor Mitchell designed and named his android inspired by the name of the characters from his favorite book. No matter that android project was failure simply because even an ingenious inventor like John couldn’t devise a method of producing small but strong enough power-source to sustain Franken. It was a sheer stroke of fate and what one would call a lucky accident that provided professor with the last thing he needed, thus Franken was born.

Intricate design, towering height paired with alien energy source lent by Flame hidden behind the name Arthur Kaufmann makes Franken a sight to behold. Even though Franken started as just an android it seems that Spark of Flame used to power him up has an unforeseen by-product as Franken started developing sentience.

Champion Description:

Because of a vast health pool and array of AOE damage abilities, Franken is an ultimate front line champions and excels in a role of a tank. Those things make him a great first choice champion for new players. Two meters high and 200 kg heavy titanium and steel alloy doesn’t need a weapon – he is a weapon.

Power Throw

Titanium Hands

Charge of a Golem

Ultimate: Me Smash You Fly

Elizabeth Williams - Ice

When she was found alive in the snow in the middle of the night entire village thought it was a miracle as no one thought it would be possible that even a grown person would survive such harsh conditions let alone a small child. What they didn’t know that Elizabeth Williams, name her foster parents gave, is actually Ice, one of the few Elementals sent to Sticks’ world to help them in the time of their greatest need.

Considering that it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Ice was one of the first that heeded the desperate calls for help when apocalypse started. Along with her “brother” Arthur Kaufmann, Elemental of Flame, she is always where the greatest threat is decimating zombie horde with her innate powers of cold.

Sometimes hell is hot, but zombies will learn soon enough that with Elizabeth in question it can be cold as well.

Champion Description:

Elizabeth “Ice” Williams is what one would call a proper wizard. With impressive array of crowd control abilities and AoE spells she can decimate large swats of opponents in a bat of an eye all the while staying relatively out of the harm’s way. All of that makes her a perfect choice for a player who wishes to brave the apocalypse alone as Ice can survive on her own without the need of tankier champions to guard her. Of course, if she is paired with one, Ice can dish out tremendous amounts of damage neglecting her CC.

Chilling Touch

Glamour of Ice

Girls Love Diamonds

Ultimate: Final Barrage

Kimberly Hernandez - Gun Rose

Since childhood Kimberly didn’t act as usual as a little girl would. She didn’t like to play with dolls. She didn’t want to wear pink and she regularly got into fist fights with boys of her age. Because of all of that her father started teaching her all the “boys’ things” - how to ride a horse, shoot a gun, survive in the wild and on her 18th birthday he gave her as a present two custom made Etrad .66 laser pistols.

Reports of zombies overrunning countries worldwide came as somewhat welcoming news to Kimberly Hernandez who sneaked out of the family ranch one night and went to prove herself and the world she can do what boys can do and more. Reckless behavior brought her to the center of the carnage where small bands of survivors lead by champions like Blade stood fast.

But don’t be deceived by Kimberly’s young age as she can draw guns as fast as legendary gunslingers of the old being able to shoot a fast moving target as far as 500 meters with astounding precision. That trait and beautiful appearance earned her nickname – Gun Rose.

Champion Description:

Kimberly “Gun Rose” Hernandez is a typical glass cannon champion. But what she lacks in health pool and armor she makes up for in speed and damage dealt as not many champions can dish out that much of pain upon the enemies in short time span. She is at her best when paired with tanky champion like Police X though with a bit of more careful play-style Gun Rose is viable in solo mode as well.


Bullet Time

 Sound of the Big Guns

Ultimate: Pulse 9000