Arthur Ingle - Ink-man


He had always loved the written word. When Arthur was a young boy he’d devoured every book he could find. He read through whole shelves in the library, especially if they were classics or had a detective character at the heart. He loved the idea of getting the bad guy and putting away those who had done wrong. As he grew older, he became enamored of investigative journalists, people who delved in deep looking for the story behind it all.

That was what he became when he grew up. He dressed up in his trench coat and dapper hat and would go looking for the story. When there were rumors of infected people going savage, Arthur went looking for the truth. Early on he dismissed the vengeful God story, after all, there was no way to prove whether that was true or not. However, he could look into pollution and a virus.


The deeper and deeper he got into the story there were mysteries and dead-ends that he couldn’t quite fathom. He would go home at the end of the day and try to piece together all of the handwritten notes, reading until the black ink lines blurred together. He had one lead, it all connected to a factory deep in the city. A factory that was supposed to be abandoned.


Arthur went into that factory, but Ink Man came back out. He didn’t know what had happened, but after he re-emerged he had an ability to reach out, redraw himself into other forms and create a weapon from his body. Whatever was causing the zombie outbreak he still wanted to discover, but now he had the ability to fight them directly.


And fight them he would.

1.  Summon wonder ghost that will fire laser in line burning monsters as it’s goes.
2.  Smoke Slash that will make small slashing damage to nearby monsters leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

3. Smoke Dash will push Ink-man forward dealing damage whenever smoke goes.

4.  Ink-man will despair, and rain of smoke with high damage will take over the world, nan shall survive.