Kimberly Hernandez - Gun Rose

Since childhood Kimberly didn’t act as usual as a little girl would. She didn’t like to play with dolls. She didn’t want to wear pink and she regularly got into fist fights with boys of her age. Because of all of that her father started teaching her all the “boys’ things” - how to ride a horse, shoot a gun, survive in the wild and on her 18th birthday he gave her as a present two custom made Etrad .66 laser pistols.

Reports of zombies overrunning countries worldwide came as somewhat welcoming news to Kimberly Hernandez who sneaked out of the family ranch one night and went to prove herself and the world she can do what boys can do and more. Reckless behavior brought her to the center of the carnage where small bands of survivors lead by champions like Blade stood fast.

But don’t be deceived by Kimberly’s young age as she can draw guns as fast as legendary gunslingers of the old being able to shoot a fast moving target as far as 500 meters with astounding precision. That trait and beautiful appearance earned her nickname – Gun Rose.

Champion Description:

Kimberly “Gun Rose” Hernandez is a typical glass cannon champion. But what she lacks in health pool and armor she makes up for in speed and damage dealt as not many champions can dish out that much of pain upon the enemies in short time span. She is at her best when paired with tanky champion like Police X though with a bit of more careful play-style Gun Rose is viable in solo mode as well.


Bullet Time

 Sound of the Big Guns

Ultimate: Pulse 9000

Reaper zai Gideon

Deep in the swamplands of Gideon there was a crumbling castle. The place had been abandoned for as long as anyone could remember, but no one ever dared go near. It was said around campfires and by children hiding under their blankets that vengeful spirits lived there.

They were the people that had been conquered by the first kings of Asteaweth and banished to the edge of the Shadowlands. That was one story anyway. The other was that inside the old castle lived the ghosts of the family that had ruled the lands now known as the Shadowlands. The truth was a combination.

On certain nights a green-blue glow would appear behind the cracked and dirty windows. It would flash and swing, dancing from one level of the castle to the next. If anyone had dared go closer, they would see that it was the last surviving Prince of the Weth practicing with his scythe. Then again, if they came close, Reaper would make sure that they would not survive to tell the tale.

Raised on the stories about how the people of Asteaweth had stolen the lushness of Weth, turning it into the Shadowlands he vowed to never go near them. It was a vow he never expected to break, but when he saw the demons emerging from Astaria and racing past his tower every day to infect the Shadowlands and cast the world into forward chaos he decided to act.

Picking up his scythe, Judgement he called it, he exited the castle that he’d spent his entire life. He donned a grinning mask that showed only the glow of his power he became a force that the demons learned to fear. With his whirling scythes he could cut through smaller demons with ease. With one glance at his mask with a permanent grin many would attempt to flee.

No matter how far the demons ran, however, they could not get away from Reaper who had come to pass Judgement over them.

FlashStrike is powerful Z hit that will break any shield and damage target.

Spinper Reaper gather strength, creating tornado effect that eliminate all in range of Reaper.

Calling spell is channeling and it’s capable of dealing tremendous burning damage in front of Reaper, no one shall be hidden from this power.



Once a prosperous merchant, the war had hit Zero hard. Between the robber barons of Astaria taking his goods, the pirates of the Shadowlands spilling over their borders, and the demons seeming to infect every part of the word it was simply bad for business. Despite that, he was an intelligent sort, his brilliance glowing right through his eyes.

Growing up, his father had apprenticed him to one of the worst of the worst in Astaria. The brutal man had taught him all of the tools of the trade to intimidate his competition. Long-limbed and tall, Zero was someone that sent all of the rivals skittering away with one look. With one sweep of his arms he could knock them aside. As he grew older he learned a few spiritual tricks of his own. His size was now only one weapon he could wield against his enemies.

When the darkness came they were in for a surprise.

He looked for ways to fight the demons that were changing everything about his world. They were, after all, as bad for business as a rival. He would often go out into the forest surrounding Thyx, going all the way to the wasteland in the east and coming back to show his prowess. He began ranging north. He’d heard that there was gold and other valuables in the recently conquered Kingdom of Asteaweth. With those on his side he would be able to recover any losses the demons could create.

As he moved through the various, he began to notice things he had never seen before. The beauty of a flower untouched by shadow. The warm gold of a cornstalk that had not yet withered. Asteaweth was a beautiful country once, he was certain. At the rate things were going it would become the next Shadowlands.

Determined not to let that happen, Zero continued to lumber his way north, seeking away to end the darkness and send it all back to where it belonged.

ropelero will send underground signal with damage that will burst when get to monster, this is best way to engage your target even if you are far away.

Dismentrel Zero jumps in monsters with no fear, with Dismentrel the place the land will get burned no survivors could be found.

Eightest is jump with lighting. If there are just few or thousand and few monsters tightest would nail them the same way.

Rockpunc is atomic mixture of power and skills, Zero will speed himself to unstoppable speed. Surrounded with purple spirits he will beat anyone who approaches him.


The wastelands east of Astaria were a challenging place to grow up. Vulcan did not know he was unusual, only that there were very few children running about the underground city of Tryax. The place was mostly empty, most of the city falling into ruin. Vulcan loved to explore the honeycombs of the old temples, wondering at the people who had lived in the dusty place before.

Playing in the temple one day he stepped on a thin piece of floor, tumbling down into a room below. At first he was blinded, surprised by how much light there was after being accustomed to the semi-darkness his entire life. When he was once again able to see he approached what had dazzled him. Sitting on a pedestal at the heart of the room was a glowing stone.

With wonder he reached out, wanting to touch the yellow stone, curious if it was hot. As his fingers touched it the glow turned into a searing heat. Vulcan tried to pull his hand away, but the fire coursed through his veins and seemed to settle around his heart. Opening his eyes he was left alone, light pulsing from his hands. With a flick of his wrist flames shot out of his palm, blasting a hole in the wall of the old temple. For days he moved through the maze he’d fallen into, trying to find the edge so he could get home. The fire coursing through his body kept him from feeling cold or hunger. He only felt the need to let the fire burn.

Amazed he went back to his home, showing his elderly grandfather his newfound power. The old man’s eyes widened. He got up from his chair and went to a bookshelf pulling out a heavy leather bound book. He flipped to a page and showed Vulcan an image. At the center of the page stood a young man with fire in his hands holding back a darkness.

It was time for him to leave Tryax and go out into the world. Astaria and Asteaweth had started a war and it had invited the shadows back. Gathering his supplies and promising to return, Vulcan left Tryax to go out into the world to banish the shadows with his flames.

Breth of Fire, would make Vulcan head so hot that he is going to burn anyone who is near him.

Wandrek is powerful move towards enemies with fire inside that burns everybody who stands in front of Vulcan.

Grobush strike, Vulcan over jump monsters picking up flame as he rises, then smash the ground with flame knocking all up in fire.

Vulcanisation, eruption of Volcano with massive flame all around the world, dealing death to all. No life.