Reaper zai Gideon

Deep in the swamplands of Gideon there was a crumbling castle. The place had been abandoned for as long as anyone could remember, but no one ever dared go near. It was said around campfires and by children hiding under their blankets that vengeful spirits lived there.

They were the people that had been conquered by the first kings of Asteaweth and banished to the edge of the Shadowlands. That was one story anyway. The other was that inside the old castle lived the ghosts of the family that had ruled the lands now known as the Shadowlands. The truth was a combination.

On certain nights a green-blue glow would appear behind the cracked and dirty windows. It would flash and swing, dancing from one level of the castle to the next. If anyone had dared go closer, they would see that it was the last surviving Prince of the Weth practicing with his scythe. Then again, if they came close, Reaper would make sure that they would not survive to tell the tale.

Raised on the stories about how the people of Asteaweth had stolen the lushness of Weth, turning it into the Shadowlands he vowed to never go near them. It was a vow he never expected to break, but when he saw the demons emerging from Astaria and racing past his tower every day to infect the Shadowlands and cast the world into forward chaos he decided to act.

Picking up his scythe, Judgement he called it, he exited the castle that he’d spent his entire life. He donned a grinning mask that showed only the glow of his power he became a force that the demons learned to fear. With his whirling scythes he could cut through smaller demons with ease. With one glance at his mask with a permanent grin many would attempt to flee.

No matter how far the demons ran, however, they could not get away from Reaper who had come to pass Judgement over them.

FlashStrike is powerful Z hit that will break any shield and damage target.

Spinper Reaper gather strength, creating tornado effect that eliminate all in range of Reaper.

Calling spell is channeling and it’s capable of dealing tremendous burning damage in front of Reaper, no one shall be hidden from this power.



In the innermost courtyard of the castle of Asteaweth there was a sacred forest. At the heart was a great tree that grew blue leaves. It was widely whispered in Asteaweth that the tree was one of the reasons it was so lush and green. The tree was a mystery and a jewel, tended by gardeners that were said to be only half-human. The fox people were sworn to silence while in the presence of the tree. They could never speak its secrets.


An adept, Fox was tasked with climbing the tree every morning to pull down the dead twigs from the upper branches. She was swift on her feet and would flit up and down the tree with ease, using the blade she hooked to one wrist to slash down the dead and dying so that they would not make the tree ill. Every night she would curl up on one side of the tree, fluffing her tails beneath her, not needing anything else for a pillow.


One night, the sky was darker than usual. She had heard that the king had refused the king of a neighbouring kingdom his daughter’s hand. Fox rarely paid attention to what went on outside the garden, but the people of the castle had been whispering about it. The sound had reminded her of bees. She was grateful when it became quiet again.


A rustle in the leaves above her alerted her to something amiss. The leaves never rustled due to breeze, someone was up in the branches above her head. Leaping up, holding her knife in front of her she looked for the intruder. Sitting on a long thick branch was a shadow. She thought at first it was another of her people, but no. The creature was a deep blackness, swallowing the few stars that shone in the sky. It turned and looked at her and attacked.


She slashed, wounding the demon, but not before it had taken a twig of the sacred tree complete with three blue leaves. Fox swore from that day onward, she would not be helpless when the demons came for her homeland again. She would fight them all if that was what the heart of Asteaweth needed.

Torpedorus is spell that goes out and hurt all on it's way, once used cannot be recalled, it will comeback to Fox dealing damage to all once again if they have survived first.

Sejsan will increase ability of Fox to another level making her wings shiny and dealing countless damage slashing over monsters.

LoveTrass Fox will flyover group of monsters and release love on them, when in love she will hit the ground and air kick everyone making damage every moment of this spell.

Rasyraid Fox calls for angels within herself, with so much love in such dark place she becomes unbearable and summon so much power that every monster simply die.