Mysterious Guan Minzhe the Lost land on the eastern region of Ushya.
People honing skills with blade and faith in humanity, they had an demon Karas, the lord of 6th underground tunnel, the power of bloodsteler, known for his speed and cruelty. 

Coming from ShongLin temple, ancient sword darkline, Karas has mastered hard skills at very yang age. Legend has it, that at age of 9 he was able to teleport him self in his sleep, and by 13 birthday he was teleporting during the battle back and forth, slothering his targets like it was a game.


Mastering Kuaixiu, sword technique super fast cut a d self-protecting shield made him a master that will forever be in historybooks. But that wasnt all, he traveled to the Shadanlands where his final ablity was born. Killing cuntless harmless people form Shadan, made him an final ability that could flame his sword and airbone kick opponents, that would be stuned upon landing, fear of death was gone.


If you enjoy fast moving champion capable of dealing tremendous damage, Karas would be one of your options. This swordman champion can stand take out all bar the strongest opponents. He is known to dislike other survivers from his homeland so be careful.


Champion Skills:

1)        Bliter – A short range teleport, move rapidly through his opponents avoiding damage, and positioning to strike hard.

2)        SixStrike – Powerfull strike that dameges everyone infront of Karas

3)        Kuaixiu – Quick sword movement with millions of hits and shield that protects him while in rampage.

4)        Swflame – other words know as Flamed Sword, stunning and kicking everyone with powerfull strike.