Jenny Xu - Cat

Before the zombies appeared, Jenny Xu was a popular star in the cosplay circuit. She would travel from convention to convention showing off her costumes. She could create just about anything, but had gained recognition for her kitty girl cosplay. One day she was at a costume contest when there was a rumbling heard in the rest of the convention center. She always liked shows and comics, and it felt nice being treated like a hero. She didn’t mind if it was only because she dressed like them.

The rumbling continued to grow, getting louder and louder, and soon the attendants were screaming. Blinded by the stage lights, Jenny couldn’t see what was happening until the zombies had leapt onto the stage.

Startled, she raised up her big costume paws and smacked at the skinny zombie who had jumped on stage. It blasted back across the room. When she’d designed this costume she had decided to build in a weapon for keeping away overzealous fans. Apparently, it was also good for defending against zombies.

She jumped off the stage and tried to clear the auditorium. She was eventually carried away by the crush of the monsters, but she was able to escape unscathed. Jenny had allowed many others to escape towards the few safe places left. She had become a hero for real.

From that day forward she fought, hoping to earn the title of a real hero. Presentation was always part of the battle, so under her new name, Cat makes sure she wields her powers with the showmanship she learned from her former life on the stage. She was going to save the world, and she was going to look good doing it.

Grace of a Feline – Wheel spinning that will burst damage around hurting all.

Cat’s Cunning – Grabbing one monster and taking his full HP.

Kitten’s Embrace – Gather magic from behind and push it forward.

Ultimate: Floof of Murder – 1s Channeling spell, summoning Cat’s double that will produce huge bubble in which all trapped monsters will die.