Jack Mission - Avenger

Life in a mechanic shop was never boring to Jack in the life before. There were always opportunities to see amazing new cars and modify engines to make them faster and better. He was flashy and people liked him. With his bright red hair he was certainly one of the most colorful mechanics in town. There was nothing that he couldn’t fix.

When the zombies first started to appear, people swirled around his shop and the other mechanics in town. They were being blamed for the chemicals in the river. Jack told them he didn’t know anything about it, he’d never seen anyone leaking oil or other chemicals into the water. There was always a little bit in the air, but they were far better about it now! He was sure that the strange monsters were a result of a virus. He told as much to his wife when he went home. She stood over him as he unhooked the towing chain. She wasn’t so sure that it wasn’t some vengeful spirit.


At the time, Jack had thought that was silly.


He kept his head down and continued to work, building better vehicles and trying not to think too much about how people were being broken every day. It was always further away, on the edges of town, not somewhere it could affect him. But then it did.


One day he came home and the front door of his house had been yanked off of its hinges. The neighborhood was a mess. The zombies had come. Grabbing the tow chain from the back of his truck he rushed inside and called for his wife.


It was too late, the zombies had come and gone. Dropping the chain to the floor he ran towards her and held her, swearing that he would avenge her. After burying her he picked up the chain and went back to his shop, welding the sharpest tools to create a ball he could wield against the enemy. Indeed, he would avenge her.

In the Nick of Time – use his motorcycle chain to dash forward pushing and hurting everyone.


Metal Negation – Chain punch that will gather fire of hell, and unleash it strait to monsters that will get obviated.

Hell Rider – Jack will call upon his motorcycle from hell and drive without looking back, leaving burning track behind him.

Ultimate: Chamber of Molten Steel – No control to monsters with whipping dance sending them to hell as he goes.