Casey Brenner - Lollipop

High school was Casey’s favorite place in the whole wide world. When she was there she was the queen. Everyone bowed down to her popularity and good looks. She was captain of the cheerleading squad and fashion advisor to everyone in the school. Without a care in the world she bounced around from class to class, her bag of lollipops always sticking out of her backpack. At the end of the day when she would go home she would greet her father. He was working on fixing up their house, his tools always strewn about in the garage and the backyard.

It was the night of the big game when everything changed. There had been noise around about people being changed, but no one seemed to really know what was going on. Casey didn’t worry about stuff like that. She cheered on the team, smiling at the football boys she had been flirting with. The noise in the stands seemed normal, and it took her a moment to realize that the cheers had changed to screams of horror.


One of her fellow cheerleaders grabbed her by the arm and told her to run. Unsure what was going on Casey ran towards her home, only a few blocks away. At one point she looked over her shoulder, the zombies were coming up quickly. She called for her father when she got home, but there was nobody home. Unsure what to do she picked up her father’s chainsaw from the floor of the garage and ripped the cord. The sound of the motor made her feel strong. She was ready, should the monsters come for her.


They did. She cut through them as if they were paper. When the fighting was done she went back to looking for her father. He was still missing. She even went back to the school to see if he was looking for her. No one had seen him, and besides, the school had been destroyed. In the rubble, her backpack still sat on one of the bleachers, lollipop sticking out the top.


She grabbed hold of the candy and popped it in her mouth. Her father had always called her Lollipop. She wouldn’t stop until she found him and got the monsters that had ruined her big day.


1. SawDash – lollipop will dash forward with her saw pointed in front of her, cutting all those standing on her way.

2. SpiningRush– Spinning like tornado this is awesome to clean wave of monsters blocking your way!

3. CapCall – Calls for help from super robot, that would clear the road for her with one swift stroke.

Ultimate: Chain saw calling – powerful damage coming from her saw presenting deadly punishment to monsters.