Once a prosperous merchant, the war had hit Zero hard. Between the robber barons of Astaria taking his goods, the pirates of the Shadowlands spilling over their borders, and the demons seeming to infect every part of the word it was simply bad for business. Despite that, he was an intelligent sort, his brilliance glowing right through his eyes.

Growing up, his father had apprenticed him to one of the worst of the worst in Astaria. The brutal man had taught him all of the tools of the trade to intimidate his competition. Long-limbed and tall, Zero was someone that sent all of the rivals skittering away with one look. With one sweep of his arms he could knock them aside. As he grew older he learned a few spiritual tricks of his own. His size was now only one weapon he could wield against his enemies.

When the darkness came they were in for a surprise.

He looked for ways to fight the demons that were changing everything about his world. They were, after all, as bad for business as a rival. He would often go out into the forest surrounding Thyx, going all the way to the wasteland in the east and coming back to show his prowess. He began ranging north. He’d heard that there was gold and other valuables in the recently conquered Kingdom of Asteaweth. With those on his side he would be able to recover any losses the demons could create.

As he moved through the various, he began to notice things he had never seen before. The beauty of a flower untouched by shadow. The warm gold of a cornstalk that had not yet withered. Asteaweth was a beautiful country once, he was certain. At the rate things were going it would become the next Shadowlands.

Determined not to let that happen, Zero continued to lumber his way north, seeking away to end the darkness and send it all back to where it belonged.

ropelero will send underground signal with damage that will burst when get to monster, this is best way to engage your target even if you are far away.

Dismentrel Zero jumps in monsters with no fear, with Dismentrel the place the land will get burned no survivors could be found.

Eightest is jump with lighting. If there are just few or thousand and few monsters tightest would nail them the same way.

Rockpunc is atomic mixture of power and skills, Zero will speed himself to unstoppable speed. Surrounded with purple spirits he will beat anyone who approaches him.