The wastelands east of Astaria were a challenging place to grow up. Vulcan did not know he was unusual, only that there were very few children running about the underground city of Tryax. The place was mostly empty, most of the city falling into ruin. Vulcan loved to explore the honeycombs of the old temples, wondering at the people who had lived in the dusty place before.

Playing in the temple one day he stepped on a thin piece of floor, tumbling down into a room below. At first he was blinded, surprised by how much light there was after being accustomed to the semi-darkness his entire life. When he was once again able to see he approached what had dazzled him. Sitting on a pedestal at the heart of the room was a glowing stone.

With wonder he reached out, wanting to touch the yellow stone, curious if it was hot. As his fingers touched it the glow turned into a searing heat. Vulcan tried to pull his hand away, but the fire coursed through his veins and seemed to settle around his heart. Opening his eyes he was left alone, light pulsing from his hands. With a flick of his wrist flames shot out of his palm, blasting a hole in the wall of the old temple. For days he moved through the maze he’d fallen into, trying to find the edge so he could get home. The fire coursing through his body kept him from feeling cold or hunger. He only felt the need to let the fire burn.

Amazed he went back to his home, showing his elderly grandfather his newfound power. The old man’s eyes widened. He got up from his chair and went to a bookshelf pulling out a heavy leather bound book. He flipped to a page and showed Vulcan an image. At the center of the page stood a young man with fire in his hands holding back a darkness.

It was time for him to leave Tryax and go out into the world. Astaria and Asteaweth had started a war and it had invited the shadows back. Gathering his supplies and promising to return, Vulcan left Tryax to go out into the world to banish the shadows with his flames.

Breth of Fire, would make Vulcan head so hot that he is going to burn anyone who is near him.

Wandrek is powerful move towards enemies with fire inside that burns everybody who stands in front of Vulcan.

Grobush strike, Vulcan over jump monsters picking up flame as he rises, then smash the ground with flame knocking all up in fire.

Vulcanisation, eruption of Volcano with massive flame all around the world, dealing death to all. No life.