Monkey Asteaweth Kingdom

Born in Asteaweth in the heart of Gideon, Monkey had an idyllic childhood. With the fruitfulness of the fields and the lushness of the orchards, there was always enough to go around. A playful child, he would often sneak away from the farm where he was born to play with the other children on the edges of the city. It was on the walls and towers of the outer wall where he learned to be flexible and jump easily from place to place.

When the war came to the city, he was old enough to have a weapon put into his hand. Held in the heart of the castle, Monkey was trained all day in the art of the fighting stick so that the could help defend the Kingdom of Asteaweth from the insane King of Astaria. He became the most adept of his fighting group, even getting acknowledgement from the princess. Swearing to protect her and his comrades, Monkey went with the army to face the armies of Astaria.

They would not steal his homeland if he had anything to say about it.

The battle raged and raged, Monkey in the center, knocking aside enemies with his stick. One by one his comrades began to fall as the Astarians surged forward. Behind their ranks seemed something else entirely, a demonic force that could turn the living orchards and fields to dust. One of these creatures was able to overpower him and he was forced to flee to the south, deep into the swamp in the southernmost portion of Gideon.

There he began to retrain, using the vines and thick-trunked trees as a training ground. He listened to the stories the travelers brought about the destruction of Asteaweth in the wake of the war. The shadows had taken over the kingdom. Monkey wondered what had become of the beautiful princess and the kind king that had called upon his subjects to defend their home.

He continued practicing his skills and improving his abilities until he was able to fight again and reclaim his home. After he’d mastered everything about his weapon he decided it was time to go back to Asteaweth and see what he could contribute to the fight.


Monkey Slash, powerful damage to all, good way to engage enemies on close range and nail them in next combo.

lybeng, with all the power Monkey jump high and start twisting his opponents, bliding them with stick hits left and right. Eventually when they hit the ground demage taken will burst them.

SpiritPush is unknown magic, that Monkeys have, it will push everyone and break their spirits. After Monkey will be smiling on corps of dead monsters waiting next task.

Twirtrodonus deadly spinning that only Monkey can do, this is ultimate weapon, that could potentially slain billion monsters in a second, only if done properly.