Monk from the Arko Temple

For most of his life, Monk only knew of the temples of Arko, nestled deep in the jungle. The other monks were like older brothers, making sure he was safe and teaching him all that they knew. There were no parents in Arko, everyone was equal, no matter how young or old.


At a young age, Monk learned he had a talent for magic. Not all of the monks had this ability so he soon found himself in a smaller and smaller group of mentors. He studied hard from sunup to sundown, learning a variety of skills. Many of these he saw no apparent use. What need did he have of being able to blast a tree from its place or clear a path through stationary objects? The older monks told him they had to prepare. Prepare for what no one seemed to know.

As he aged, he learned that he was the most powerful of them all. Any skill he mastered. Every ability he could boost further through his own abilities. He tried to mentor as best as he could, but his brothers became more distant. He was so far beyond them, he had gained an inequality that they could not accept.

Hurt by this betrayal of those he thought were his family, he decided to leave the temple one fateful night. The stars blinked overhead as he shouldered his satchel and left the hidden temple and made his way out into the world. It was there that he discovered there were shadows in the world. A group of demons attacked him on the road. Suddenly, his powers made sense. He was meant to cleanse the world of this darkness.

From that day forward, Monk swore that he would join and assist anyone who was fighting the demons that infested the land. He would do this until the creatures were defeated or he was killed in the attempt. He would find a new brotherhood amongst the company of warriors with skills to fight the demons.
The magic of Arko would be brought into the greater world.

Droop engaging energy shook coming from vortex, dealing splashing damage to a small range in front of Monk after jump.

Chaboo energy inside the Monk, is released strait to group of monsters, bashing around and damaging them all.

Vertros when surrounded with monsters, Monk take his lamppost and start vortex above his head, with high damage to all that get in his range.

Groundrax when there is no way out of battle, when all hope is down, The Monk use ultimate skill, to secure survival he will smash ground dealing deadly damage.