Gordan zai Etherlauf

“There is an organisation trains orphans from around the world to become the ultimate ninja. The training was both brutal and hard especially for him.”

Ushya region known for Etherlauf. Birth place to techniques with blade. Strength and speed, with high accuracy was the least you could expect blade of master around here. Etherlauf power that was discovered in depths of a master’s devotion to his blade, it was told that the one who is to willed such power is going to rule all. Today that is just a myth, only at monastery of Xiang-La some just to speak of this as possibility, others have not.

Gordan, orphan, found by young couple after bloody battle for Nobuhira Empire. Family never told him he was adopted, the day Gordan found out, is the day he went to Xiang-La monastery.
Being in monastery for short time, he could see it is not place for him. He left to pursuit new ways that can change his life. Skills that he learned were not enough to make him trustworthy of any title, so he became ninja.


If you enjoy ninja champion capable of dealing tremendous damage, this champion can take opponents very fast. Ninja player? You should consider playing Gordan.

Champion Skills:

Windfly skill will pushforward Gordan summoning a wind behind him, this can be powerful when performing combo with other skills.

Shuriken Strike, known as SS is best poke skill of Gordan. Firing SS before going in mass of monsters is best way to engage.

SmokeBam, Gordan can take entire army in ambush, without even showing himself. Mythical and magical ancient ninja technique, he will surround his enemies and blind them with attacks.

Eight lives, Gordhan summons ninja spirits that follow him in towards, airborne kicking them all in the air. After spell take place dealing demage to all, making them bleed to death.