Captain of Shadowlands

The Shadowlands were not an easy place to be banished. When Captain was a young man he’d been caught stealing in the kingdom of Astaria. He’d been born to a high-ranking family, one of the many crooked merchants that made sure the city thrived no matter who they had to swindle. He’d been caught with his hands on the jewels of a rival family.

Dragged before the insane King, he was certain he was going to lose his head. However, on that day the King decided to be lenient, banishing him beyond the forests of Thyx and into the heart of the Shadowlands. His father was ashamed that his son had gotten caught at what should have been second nature to him, however, he did not want his son to perish at the hands of the two bands of cutthroats that warred over the Shadowlands.

Captain’s father wanted him to become the third.

Equipped with his own airship, Captain soon made his mark on the Shadowlands. He was not necessarily able to tame his rivals, but he kept them guessing. One day, the other two leaders called a meeting of the robber bands. Captain sensed a trap, but he also felt there was an opportunity. By the end of the battle that ensued he’d lost a hand, but gained more territory by slaying one of the other leaders. Affixing a hook to the stump, he ruled his portion of the Shadowlands with the strength of his pistol shot.

Captain would not have called what descended on the Shadowlands a “peace”, but a kind of order descended to the lawlessness. Those that differed had to face the consequences. One night while Captain was standing at the bow of his airship, searching the ruined Shadowlands for unwary travelers he saw a shadow.

Before he could determine what it was, the demon reared up and smashed his airship right out of the sky and disappeared. On a quest for vengeance, Captain prowls the Kingdoms, wondering what had come to the lands while he was pirating the edge of the world.


Cookburst will damage all monsters standing in front of Captain, he would lift himself with power and use his cook to fire.

Gunblast shot with low to moderate damage that knocks monsters up blasting them with stunning effect.

Multishot ability that hits every enemy in front with single bullet.

Shipcrash attack will decimate everything foolish enough to stand in front, summoning pirate ship from bottom of ocean, this spell is considered to be deadliest.