Hidden deeply in Nehr Highlands lies shrine dedicated to Aeolu’ss, god of thunder and lightning. Created ages ago by civilization long forgotten magnetite obelisk stands tall as a testament of unwavering faith to the Thunderous Father as they used to call Aeolu’ss. Even though civilizations has vanished, shrine still has one guardian left – Sven, mystical persona whose frail stature makes others mistake him for a weak, old man.

But Aeolu’ss rewards his worshipers with boons and several centuries of Sven’s dedication haven’t passed unnoticed with the god of thunder and the last guardian of the shrine now wields powers worthy of god’s avatar. Powers he will readily use against the creatures of darkness.


Sven’s physical abilities are nothing to write home about but his magical powers are fearsome. That’s why he should be used to engage from afar – decimating enemies while staying out of the harm’s way and his skill pack makes him perfect for just that.

Champion skills:

Low cool-down piercing lightning bolt that damages enemies in front of Sven.

This skill makes Sven create a lightning cage that will trap and damage everyone foolish enough to step inside. Careful when using this ability because it will make you immobile.


Lightning disk which will pass and then bounce off the enemies it encounters dealing low damage.

Ultimate AOE ability worthy of the Aeolu'ss servant – almost screen wide lightning storm that will obliterate everything beneath.