She was just a small girl when northern tribes came in a yet another summer raid. They rode on the waves in longboats like thunder gods they worshiped leaving behind them the trail of destruction, ash and misery. She was just a small girl when they raided her hamlet of Maasdaal on the Lokerloonian coast and she was just a small girl when she almost bit jarl’s hand holding the blade meant to end her life. It was that act that saved Raven’s life, name she got for her long black hair was all but common with blond northerners.

Years have passed and Raven is now one of the jarls, Black Devil as her enemies came to name her sailing stormy seas long and wide in search of riches and glory. Rumors of endless hordes of demonic creatures lured fame hungry Raven to the Shadowlands determined to bathe her zweihander in blood of worthy enemy.


Even though Raven is melee champion she has a tremendous reach with her two handed sword. That and the fact she can damage more than one opponent makes her perfect for combating large groups of enemies while staying relatively safe.

Champion skills:

Overhead strike that knocks down enemies it hits. This ability doesn't have cooldown unless used rapidly.

Raven spins his sword and then strikes the ground in front of her damaging and knocking down all enemies around her.


This ability makes Raven go into rapid three strikes sequence piercing all enemies in front of her.

Ability with 30 seconds cooldown which transforms Raven into spinning hell of blades ending with a giant AOE cleaner.