He desired power delving deeply into the forbidden knowledge, corrupted by ancient book of magic, Deathsong said by some to have sentience of its own. With great power comes the great price to pay and the one he paid was truly dire. Once a noble figure and an aspiring knight of light his heart was slowly but surely twisted and his soul plunged into the darkness.

Never satisfied and lustful for even more power, Prince, as that was the only thing left of his former name, is cursed to spend eternity seeking the way to state his insatiable thirst. This very craving lead him to the West because great artifacts of evil are most likely in possession of great evils. Not every champion is a champion of light.


Prince is well rounded champion most suitable for tasks of soaking up the damage and disabling enemies. His skill composition includes a vast array of strikes and maneuvers that make Prince a tough champion to kill. Use this to your advantage.

Champion skills:


Prince drops his banner followed by quick dash to it knocking up everything in his path.

Using this skill makes Prince stomp the ground encasing himself in a shield that gives him temporary hit points while doing damage to the closest enemies.


Extensive studies of dark magic’s allow Prince to summon his shadow double who will then spin through enemies dealing medium amounts of damage.

Ultimate AOE sweeper ability with 30 s cool down timer that works extraordinary well against larger packs of enemies.