If there was ever a being shrouded with such a veil of mystery that would be one known simply as Klown. He was once called Jack'o, the court jester of the noble king Aelthor who ruled coastal area that stretched for miles, dotted with cities and trade ports. He danced, juggled, joked and played so many roles that made him slowly to lose his identity and which drove him to insanity.

Exiled from his homeland after a mishap during his act with an ill thrown knife that almost took prince’s life he is now roaming the lands infested with demons in search of his final act. Agile, deadly, skilled with knives and driven forth with complete disregard for his life once Jack’o and now Klown is more than a match for the chaotic hordes of the Shadowlands.


Even with low health points count and endurance, Klown is a terrifying opponent. If you are type of player that enjoys playing champions who can dispatch enemies with haste you will definitely enjoy controlling Klown.

Champion skills:

Rapid piercing strike that makes Klown lunges forward damaging all opponents he passes through


What would a jester be without his trusty jack-in-box gadget? Use it to knock up and stun your opponents.

Klown throws four daggers in rapid succession annihilating all enemies in front of him.



In dire situations Klown can summon his shadow double who then rapidly spins clearing everything in the direction he is facing.