Once an urchin, child beggar and petty thief in the streets of Downtown Shin, Kalpa’s future looked grim. Not many children lived to age of ten, either starving to their deaths or killed by bodyguards of wealthy merchants they tried to pickpocket. Looked grim until she was enrolled into Half-Moon, secretive order of ninjas and trained assassins. Quickly rising through ranks partly because of her combat skills and partly because those above her died from natural causes, as a dagger into one’s heart naturally ends one’s life, she is now second in command.

Sent to demon infested territory by her peer under pretext of perfecting her skills even further, Kalpa hunts down methodologically every spawn of shadows naive enough to show its face. Kalpa works only for gold but this task she will gladly do for free and when she returns to Shin, woe unto the one sending her to this hellhole.


Not many champions wield weapons with such grace as Kalpa. Trained since youngest of age to strike fast and strike hard she is a force to be reckoned with. Who needs armor when there is almost no chance to be hit?

Champion skills:


Low damaging skill making Kalpa throw both of her blades, useful for hitting cluster of enemies and/or finishing off distant enemies.

Fast skill that strikes opponents in front of Kalpa same as those foolish enough to go behind her. Low to medium damage

Use this skill when facing multiple enemies in close range. Kalpa will swing both of her blades rapidly dismembering them.

Ultimate AOE ability which makes Kalpa briefly step into the shadow realm. Upon exiting she will deliver series of hits and cuts finishing all but the strongest of enemies with ease.