Much of Hunter’s early life remains a mystery save the fact that after her parents abandoned her on birth she served as servant on local Duke’s court. After Duke witnessed her natural talent with crossbow she became regular part of his hunting parties. Probably the highest step on the social ladder one of her kind could hope but all has changed the moment she saved her Duke by shooting a raging boar with three bolts before his entourage managed react. Grateful and impressed he enlisted her as his bodyguard. Destiny had other plans in mind for a pale looking girl with deep blue eyes.

Years later she is all that is left of a small scouting party Duke has sent to investigate the rumours of dark portals doting western regions. Undaunted, once a lowly court squire and now a legendary crossbowman, Hunter ranges the area and mercy on their souls because she will have none.


Player will find that play style with Hunter is similar to Athys, albeit the lack of screen-wide abilities. This disadvantage is surpassed by Hunter's skill to quickly disengage from combat always keeping somewhat safe distance from the enemy. No matter, like any other ranged champion she works best with tank melee heroes and one would be smart to enlist the help of Gus or alike.

Champion skills:

Hunter jumps into the air shooting the volley of bolts into enemies damaging everyone hit.

Quick dash in direction Hunter is facing. Note: this ability does very low damage and should be used mostly for escaping melee.

Shotgun-like skill that will decimate everything up to half screen-wide distance.

Hunter’s ultimate ability is best described like “rapid fire mode engaged”. Useful in clearing large groups of opponents or doing hefty amounts of damage to bosses.