A tall, muscular soldier, with thick dark brown hair and dead looking brown eyes. Gus excels at hand to hand combat and swordplay. He is somewhat serious, and often angry, though he never loses his calm in battle.

The Ledeaniel Dynasty
Lead by the Duke of Malcharm, the dynasty is mainly made up of various members of his family, with their retainers. The Duke was slighted by King Petar at a royal event, and never forgave him, so when the mad king of Astaria wanted to create unrest in the kingdom, the Duke was the perfect man to employ.

Gus’s king
King Petar is slightly shorter than Gus, with clear blue eyes that twinkle and long grey hair. He is a fair and just man, but does not see the trouble coming that destroys his kingdom. He has one daughter, his wife having died in childbirth.
Athy is a strong and passionate red haired woman. She is one of the world’s finest swordswomen – but is too easily defeated as she allows anger to cloud her judgement. She talks a lot and likes to get very drunk. The daughter of a farmer, murdered for the produce he was taking to market, she too has revenge to take.
The successful and wealthy Kingdom of Asteaweth was brought down from within by a sinister faction known as the Ledeaniel Dynasty. This group were working in conjunction with the king of Astaria, a small Kingdom in the nearby region of Thyx. King Petar and most of his elite bodyguard were killed during the coup and ensuing battle, and the following chaos all but destroyed the kingdom. Following this, the Kingdom was annexed by Astaria, and its population enslaved.
Gus, a member of the king’s elite bodyguard, managed to escape with his life, but was wounded and vowed revenge on the King’s murderers, and on the neighbouring Kingdom of Astaria. When he recovered from his wounds, he became a mercenary, selling his fighting skills to the highest bidder, but always trying to work towards his revenge, and to fight the evil forces tearing his world apart.
In his search for justice, he follows a trail of gold to the region of Thyx, which is being overrun by forces from the Shadowlands. He gains more skills as he goes on, constantly seeking out fights to sate his lust for revenge