Not much is known about the champion that comes from Guan Minzhe, mysterious empire that lies in the far eastern region of Ushya. Coming from a poor family of farmers he distinguished himself from the other boys of his age after he saved flock of sheep and himself from a starving mountain lion with nothing but a small dagger. For that reason he got admitted into famous monastery of Xiang-La where he spent his youth honing skills with blade.

After mastering Kuaisu, fast cut, sword technique and self-healing meditation he traveled to the Shadowlands where his final test awaits. Killing Unseen Shadow, malevolent being said to be impervious to damage could prove to be too much for him but champion know only as BM learned not to fear death.


If you enjoy fast moving champion capable of dealing tremendous damage, you should consider playing BM. This champion can stand take out all bar the strongest opponents and if things turn south BM can fall into trance-like state that will heal him for quite an amount.

Champion Skills:

Piercing fast cut attack causing BM to move rapidly through his opponents dealing moderate amount of damage.

This skill makes BM enter trance healing him for considering amount of health points while increasing damage resistance for additional protection for the duration of the skill.

Triple cut attack which will knock up and slam all enemies foolish enough to stand in front of BM.

BM musters all of his Ki into one giant beam of shockwave energy that will obliterate everything in its path. Ultimate screen clearing ability.

BM Hero Package 2.99USD