There are not many weapons in the world like Andoras, legendary double-sided yari wielded by Bladey, warrior-queen of Kanthalea. After her hunting band saved monk entourage from roaming bands of the local bandit lord, leader of the pilgrims presented the queen with the artifact as a token of eternal gratitude.

Andoras glows ominously red when hell-spawns are near and Bladey left her most trustful adviser in charge of governing Kanthalea bent on sealing the portals to Shadowlands once and for all. Andoras is sentient being. Andoras is happy with the prospect of shedding demon blood, sworn to keep the noble queen out of harm.


Mistress of wielding exquisite double-sided yari, Bladey is a champion of dealing fast and painful strikes. Having telepathic bond with her weapon she can strike enemies close and afar without even flinching her wrists. Players who get accustomed to Bladey’s flashy play style will definitely enjoy what this champion has to offer.

Champion skills:

This medium damaging skill has actually two components with first strike hitting enemies in uppercut manner while the second knocks them back to the ground. If they live through the first one that is.

Same as the skill above – using this skill will make Bladey throw the yari in front of her and the second click will make her lurch forward reaching enemies in the distance with the tip of her blade.

Bladey will stand on one foot doing the deadly pirouette slashing enemies around her.

If you find yourself surrounded with hordes of demons, Bladey's ultimate ability will remedy the situation showering everyone in vicinity with debilitating hits from above.