Normal people run from chaos and destruction but Terry Sung never considered himself normal. That is why he hurried into the epicenter of zombie infestation. Bringing his trusty sword with him, Lightning, his involvement offered temporarily respite to the defenders, one thing they needed desperately.

Hailing from the far east, his skills with katana swords are unparalleled so it’s not too much of a surprise that everyone knows him by his nickname – Blade. Watching Blade wield his katana is mesmerising experience and it doesn’t come as a surprise that those who have seen him in combat named his style “Dance with the Death”.

Young, agile, proud and deadly – Blade is one of the few champions that stand between world and total destruction.

Champion Description:

Terry “Blade” Sung is top pick for any player enjoying fast melee combat. With an arsenal of skills and combo abilities, Blade is not an easy champion to master. Luckily, enormous damage he is capable of dealing offers player a chance to amend any mistakes he may commit. Fully able to solo, Blade excels when paired with “meatier” champions like Police X.

Champion Skills:

Silent Approach


Touch of Silk


Soldier’s Anger



Ultimate: Thousand Blades, Thousand Cuts